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Sourced Security Solutions provides video surveillance services to businesses throughout New England.  Sourced was established to provide clients with superior technology while maintaining close relationships. Producing advantageous results is ultimately what we strive to achieve. 


The security industry is a massive and daunting industry for potential clients.  Seeking a reliable source for a sensitive issue like security is challenging.  We understand that there is no "one size fits all provider".  Sourced has postioned itself to deliver exceptional communication to the end user.  Afer all what use is a provider you cannot contact.

Technology has driven a demand for multi faceted integrator.  As the security industry provides integrators with more tools for the end user, can you rest assured it will perform?  We take a positive yet vigilant approach to new technologies.  Sourced has fully tested, trained, and certified itself on these technologies before they make it through your door. 


 Sourced Security prides itself on unique differences.  We are not bound nor influenced by product lines, quotas, or capabilities.  Your security will not suffer at the hand of a product line we are bound too.  Sourced Security's final regaurd is for a superior product in the hands of an educated client.  We pool our resources aswell, with trusted and proven contractors established in Connectitcut.  By maintaing close ties to vendors and manufacturers representatives we will stay on top the latest innovations.  Personalized service, commitment, honest and trustworthy.  Your calls never go unanswered.   

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